Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have You Ever Lost Your Power As a Man In a Relationship?

Have you ever felt like you are on top of the world? Having your life together going places meeting a beautiful woman falling in love and few months into the relationship you end up feeling small, insecure and needy?

Ask yourself if you or anyone you know has or had both of this: loving, passionate, steamy hot, relationship and also is living life from the depths of his integrity as a man fully living his purpose and mission in life?

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How can a man be as productive, as powerful, as focused, as grounded, as solid, in the midst of a passionate relationship as he can be when he has no women in his life?

When we do not have a feminine partner next to us, I notice that we put all our energy and focus on either enjoying the simple beauty of life, the little moments. Or we put all our energy and focus on giving our gifts to the world.

I personally know men that purposely stay away from women because they see them as a distraction from where they are headed in life. After all it takes a lot of energy to maintain a healthy relationship doesn’t it? And lets be totally honest with each other women are pain in the ass!

To make it even more complicated women are way more attracted to us when we are so clear and focused on our mission in life. As we experience ourselves being clear, solid, focused and women attracted to us soon we find ourselves in a relationship with most likely a phenomenal woman.

As soon as we experience some depth of intimacy with this phenomenal woman, we begin to feel weaker as a man. We start to lose clarity, focus, and solidness. As a result of that our phenomenal woman experiences less attraction towards us. As a result of her being less attracted we start to feel even less focused, clear and solid. Not only that but pretty soon we become needy. Somehow from being on top of the world having our shit together giving our gifts, hooking up with a phenomenal woman to finding ourselves in a vicious circle feeling insecure, uncertain, and needy.

What happened along the way?
Shouldn’t things now be even better then before, after all now we have a phenomenal woman next to us to support us and encourage us to be better men in the world?

How can we stay with our hearth fully open to the world and our woman, while we maintain strong solid power with which we can penetrate the world and our woman right open?

Have you ever noticed that for us men we can do one or the other but not both at the same time?

It is easy to penetrate our women strongly and powerfully at the beginning of a relationship because our heart is not been fully open to her yet. As the relationship deepens our hearts open bigger to her and the more open our heart is the less powerful as a man we feel. It is like we are fully disconnected from our power when we are around our woman.

Maybe even at times when you are out in the world away from your woman you experience some sense of power and in the back of your mind you are think “God I wish she was here to see this”. Unfortunately not only that she wasn’t there to see it but also the moment you see her you completely lose it again. The moment you see her your heart simply blooms open and you instantly get disconnected from your power.

What would it be to be able to fully love her, heart wide open, and violently f*cking her all at the same time. Your love so big that it actually hurts of how much you love her, and yet you are taking her, penetrating her deeper then she has ever been before. Open heart and a hard cock.

Friend of mine the other day told me “as soon as she became sacred to me I was not able to spit at her” and I thought to myself “well I do not think that she would like you to spit on her if you do not see her as sacred.”

How can a man have both at the same time?

Samurais and Native Americans practice this. The practice to kill your opponent with love. To hunt with love. To f*ck with love. As Deida likes to say “murder her open to God with your f*ck”

Where can you start your practice?

Well like with every practice first start to pay attention to when you are feeling your power and when you are not. Start to feel when your heart is wide open and if you are feeling love whether is towards a flower, nature or a woman and notice if you can feel your power as a man in that moment. Become present to how you lose your power as your heart opens. Become present to how your heart closes as you are in your power.

From the place of being aware of those changes you can start to have a bit more choice around it.

Take full responsibility for creating your life. Be accountable for what you are creating. Know that there is not such a thing as the perfect woman. Know that if you are power is not rotted in love no matter with what woman you are with you will lose your power when your heart opens and as a result she will lose attraction to you as man. If you are in your power but you are not loving her she will also get turned off by you, your power will disgust her.

Once you can feel your heart fully open and maintaining your power as man and you can walk down the street maintaining both you will have to power to do something about any woman that you desire.

I have only one question for you:

If you are keep reading if not you can stop right here.

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