Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Flowers and Women

It is not what you do is how you do i t.

I can give you the best “trick” in the world and if you don't do it right it will not work.

What makes it work is the believe system that you have.

Are you doing it out of desperation or simple because you love and enjoy everything about her, everything that makes her a women?

I will give you a very small example, so you have something to think about.


If you give her flowers because you want something in return it will not get you anywhere.
She will know that you are giving her flowers not simple because you want to give it to her but because you want to get in her panties.
Don't get me wrong she will take them and she might even enjoy them but all you did was to feed her ego.
You even fuck it up for the next guy that will come around because now she is starting to believe that all guys are like that.

The worst of all is that she will sense where you coming from right away.
By the way for her is all emotional many women cannot put there finger on it and tell you why they like something or why they don't like it.
If you ask a women why she likes him she will just have this dreamy look in her eyes and tell you “because he is cute”.

But if you simple give her a flower for the simple reason that you want to celebrate her beauty as a woman and everything that makes her a women, if you want to compliment her femininity with a beautiful flower.
Now that is a different story, she will love and cherish it.
If you give it to her and ask for nothing back and you are doing it just because she looks so beautiful and that is your way of showing that her beauty makes you happy.

You know women love to test you to see if you are for real or not.
Sometime after you do something nice for her she might be not exactly nice to you just to see your reaction and if you have attitude is something like, but I just did this and that for you... then you are in big trouble.
If you ignore her test and just be your cool self then you get a point in her book.
She will think oh he is man enough to handle me and to stand his ground I guess he likes me for who I am.

So no matter what “trick” you use think about how you are using it.
Get in touch with your inner self and be aware of what you are doing, be aware of her.

Now go out there now and make a women feel like a woman.

Monday, January 22, 2007

So What Are Dreams

My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible.
All are of no value unless they are followed by Action.
I will act now.

Dreams are the fuel you need to act.
Dreams are the the road map to where you want to go.

So dreams are the first step.
So find out what you want out of life that is probably the hardest thing anyone have to do.
I look for the answer of this question every day and I am sure I will never find it because I don't know what is good for me and what is bad for me.

I have lived long enough to know that I have been wrong many times in my life and many times I have though something was good for me only to find out a year later that it was the worst thing for me.
But there is this thing where you can turn bad things into good things and to keep going further and further ahead.

What do I mean by turning bad things into good things is the power to see what was good about what happen and what was bad about what happen because everything that happens to you could be bad or good it is up to you how you want to see it.
I choose to see it on the good site.

For example I went into a real estate deal with a friend of mine 2 years ago and I lost a lot of money lost him as a friend and because of how busy I was cost me a lots of troubles with my girlfriend at the time.
When I first got in it the deal I was so happy I thought I was a big shot now and that I will make a lot of money but few months later I saw that it was a very bad decisions.
I could blame it on one million things and I could give you that much more excuses of why things went bad.

But to me that was the easy way out, I had to look deep into what had happen and into myself and to learn from the experience, so I did and I can tell you that I learn more about myself, about my friend, about my girlfriend at the time, and about the real estate and about a lot more things then ever before.
If I did make money I was going to be happy the money would have been spend by now but what I learn from it the knowledge stays with me for life and that is priceless and that is how you can turn bad things into good things.
The reason I turn bed into good was because I have big dreams that are backed with a strong believe and I am not afraid of falling down I know it is part of the process.
Only a worm is free from the worry of stumbling. I am not a worm.

So I dream of being with the right women I don't try to describe her to myself but I could tell you what she feels like I don't know which women will make me happy but I dream of her I miss her every day even dough I haven't met her yet.
You get what I am getting at.
So no matter how many women break my hard or how many reject me I know that she is just around the corner but I know I have to go through all of them so I can learn from all the mistakes I make with them so I can be ready for her in away I am always ready for her and yet I will never be.
I believe that I deserve to be with the right one and I will never settle down for nothing less.
It is the same with all dreams.
But you have to act now because all you have is here and now and yourself.


Go ahead dream big, act now, and be happy

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dream Big

“Some men see things as they are and say, ‘Why?’
I dream things that never were and say, ‘Why not?’”

The mean of “Dream Big” is shown very well in this quote by Robert Kennedy.

I dare to dream big and I dare you to dream big.

Dreams are the first step to anything, you cannot get anywhere in life if you don't first want it.

Ask yourself today this very simple question?

“What do I Want?”

Dream Big: Dream until your dream becomes so vivid that you can feel that you are already there and that in you are living in it, Dream until you realize that you already have it!

You Have IT

Things in life come only to those who already have, and those who do not have more shall be taken from them.

Have the belief that you can accomplish your dream no matter what it is, even if it is the last thing you do in your life.

Once you have such a strong belief then the unseen power of the universe will believe it too and it will join you in the dance of pure being.
The power of the ever flowing universal energy will help you get to where you want to be, no matter how far that is from where you are now.
Join me in the dance of pure being by believing in yourself and in your dreams.

Something that I have to remind my self to remember is to laugh at myself whenever I lose my belief for a moment, because man is most comical when he takes himself too seriously.
Laughter is one of nature's greatest gifts, no living creature can laugh except man. Trees may bleed, beast will cry in pain and hunger, yet only we have the gift of laughter and is ours to use whenever we choose.

I invite you to commit to practicing and cultivating the habit of laughter.

After all what can take place before the sun goes down which will not seem insignificant in the river of centuries?

Last but not least remain as a new born child, for only then I can look up to others; and so long as I look up to another I will never grow too long for my cot.

To enjoy success I must have happiness, and laughter!
I am Happy.
I am Successful.