Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Love Yourself, do not love the fact the she is with you.

If you ask anyone in the world what do I need to do to be better with women most likely you will hear this reaction “be yourself”, “be confident”.

I will tell you the same be yourself, be confident.

OK easy isn't it?

What if you are not confident and if you don't like yourself?

I will tell you if you are in that place in your life where you are not happy with who you are the road a head it will not be easy and it will be long but I guaranty you that the price on the end of the road is better than anything else in life. It is better then being with the best top model in the world. I am talking about personal happiness for life.

So where do you start?

I like that saying “Think Big, Start Small”

Strive to better yourself every day, and do it for yourself not for her. Everyday before you go to bed ask yourself this question “what did I learn today that I didn't know this morning when I woke up?” . Build on that try to surpass yesterdays action.

Like I said start small if you are already reading this then you are on the right track because you are seeking a way to better yourself. Start with reading inspirational books, with exercising regularly and with eating healthier.

Just by doing this few little things you will be amazed by how much better you feel about yourself.

By striving to better yourself everyday slowly you will get the priceless attitude of “I want you but I don't need you”

You do want her but if she is not in that place of her life where she wants you back you will be thinking to yourslef, "oh well that is OK because I am happy with myself, and I do want to know more about you, but if that isn't going to happen, I will still be as happy as I was before I met you".

Man I guaranty you if you have this believe system women will smell it on you form a thousand miles away and they will want to come and test you if you can hold your ground and if you do she will love you.

That is exactly what they call being confident