Sunday, July 6, 2008

Real World Seduction


How you been?

You have not heard from me in quite a while. I have been in search of myself. Also I a lot has happen in the last month all too much all too fast, all at the same time. At some moments was just a bit too much for my system. But I am glad to say that apparently the old saying “What does not kill you makes you stronger” which I have heard so many times from so many different people in the last month, it seems to be true.

I have spent this time mostly alone all though with the amazing love of my amazing friends all around me who were just a hand away at any time, and trust me I had to reach for it a lot. All thru out my life whenever I had a lot going on I would always keep myself extra busy with a million things like work, friends, parties, drinking, women and so on, just so I do not have to feel the pain. This time for the first time in my life I decide to just be with at all as it’s happening. I stayed home being with it all. I have to tell you it was one of the hardest things I had to do but I am glad I did it. I am much better man for it. I feel much more stable, balanced and grounded. I have learned so much about myself and about life as I was just looking within, spending time meditating and praying.

Now I am ready to go back and teach from a new place. A place that is new for me but it feels fucking great to be here, I wouldn’t want to be any other place but here. I am ready to teach from a place that is more open, more present, more real, more true. And if that is not enough all this time I have spent looking within I have had an amazing revolutions around women and especially seduction that I cannot wait to share with you in my workshop which by the way is next weekend July 11-13.

My workshop as we here at LVO3 named it is “Real Word Seduction”. Seduction is an art. Art that women have studied explored and perfect since the beginning of time and may be for the first time in the history men have to study it too. One of the most powerful things about my workshop is that I work with women that are very in touch with their feminine side and have great awareness. And not only that but they are willing to drop their guard down and to share with you about the their “games”.

See as I mention already women are master seducers and they love to play games and to throw you for a loop so the more you get suck into her games the worst it gets. You are playing a game that you are doom too lose simply because they are way better then you can ever be. So here is my tip for you and a little secret. Women play those games and secretly inside they are rooting for you they want you to win. But may be you are asking yourself already “but how can I win at a game that I do not even know how to play and even if I knew how can I win if they are the masters at it?” Well simple you do not have to win a game that you are not playing ;). I know it is a mind fuck and it is hard even for me to get my head around it. And of course there is a lot more to it then just this. So here is my tip. Drop your fucking games whether you come to my workshop or not fucking drop it. This is advice coming from a man that is a “Master Seducer”. Fuck man so many people have refer to me as Don Juan DeMarco. You know what fuck that…

I have always been surrounded with beautiful women and my ego was way over my head and it was controlling my fucking life. The moment I drop my ego and my games I had more women and better women around me then ever before and not only that but those women could relax around me and trusted me way more then I could ever thought I woman could trust a man in such a short time. And I do not know about you but there is nothing hotter for me then having a woman trust.

When a woman just looks at me completely relax being herself and says: “I love being here with you, I feel like I can fully relax and be myself with you. I usually do not feel that way with man.” I heard these words from a woman that was naked in my bed and I did nothing to seduce her. Well I do not know about you but when that happens to me my blood starts to boil and I feel so happy.

So at this point may be you are asking yourself again well how are you going to teach me about seduction when you are telling me to drop my games?

Well good question I like it. Well here is a question for you?

Have you ever studied any martial art? Or have you ever read about it or heard about it?

Well most of this martial art could be used to kill someone with it right? But they say that if you are master at martial art you never have to use it. I know a man that has studied and taught martial art for 30 years now and as far as he has told me he has needed to use it in real life only twice. Well we can explore this example in great depth and I will let you explore that for yourself and see how you can tie this concept back to seduction.

Well so I am not so coy I will add more to it. You know every little girl dreams about prince charming and to be slept of their feet right? Well there is seduction and there is seduction. There is a way to be with a woman that is fully there, fully present taking here ever so deeply, seen her bigger and deeper than she can even see herself, opening her with just one look, loving her ever so fully, holding her ever so closely, looking at her ever so openly, touching her ever so gently. It is not just her face, her figure, or her voice. Look into her eyes and find what is behind them, find her spirit and let it be free. Allow her to be herself with you. Feel her softness and warmness and feel how it brings tears to your eyes. Fell how she smells like angels ought to smell.

Well there is all that and there is playing games.

So if you are interested in still playing games well I am sorry but my workshop is not for you. If you are ready to drop your shit and be a real man. Man that is present, open, loving and giving. Man that makes a difference in the world. Man that lives a full and rich life. Well if you are ready to be that man then you definitely need to be in my workshop next weekend.

Go on there and see what Sean Messenger experience was in my workshop and sign up.

If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them personally. Feel free to email me at or feel free to call me 415.531.2487

Love and Light on your way!



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Will you be coming to NYC anytime soon? I can do and have done what you can do because I love women as much as you do. I just can't do it nearly as well as you do it. I would really love to learn from you. What do you have planned in the next 6 months?


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